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The DRC Pre-Trial Release program offers an alternative to incarceration as well as reducing the overcrowded jail population for non-violent offenders incarcerated at the RCJ. The Pre-Trial Release program also creates a significant cost reduction for the state and local government, a reduction in local taxes, as well as reserving jail and prison space for repeat and violent offenders.



The DRC Pre-Trial Release program is operated to provide a cost-effective alternative to reduce the commitment rate in jails and prisons. The DRC Pre-Trial Release program provides close supervision and case management and works in close coordination with the judges, district attorney, probation officers, area law enforcement and state agencies. A variety of services at no cost to the participant are provided to offenders to include substance abuse assessments, substance abuse counseling, IOP and ROP, individual counseling, weekly urine drug screens, CBI (Cognitive Behavioral Intervention) classes, employment enhancement opportunities, education services, and transportation at no cost to treatment classes.


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