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Randolph County, NC Budget
Table of Contents

INTRODUCTORY SECTION - General information provided to assist the reader's understanding of the format of this budget document, the County's organizational structure, financial reporting, and the annual budget process. 

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  • Reader's Guide
  • Budget Process
  • Budget Schedule
  • Financial Structure
  • Annually Budgeted Funds of Randolph County
  • Fund and Organizational Structure
  • Organization Chart
  • List of Principal Officials
  • Distinguished Budget Award


OVERVIEW - This section is laid out in the chronological order of the budget process. Summary information on the 2016-17 budget, including the Manager's Proposed Budget Message, current priorities and other issues that impacted the adopted budget, the official budget ordinance, financial totals for all funds, and other organization-wide information. The County's overall policy goals and financial policies are also included.   

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  • Proposed Budget Message 
  • Adoption of Final Budget 
  • Budget Ordinance 
  • Executive Summary 
    • Budget at a Glance - General Fund By Purpose 
    • Comparison of Property Tax Rates in North Carolina 
    • Highlights of the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget 
    • Comparative Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures and Other Financing Sources (Uses) - All Annually Budgeted Funds 
    • Combining Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures and Other Financing Sources (Uses) - All Annually Budgeted Funds 
    • Combined Schedule of Revenues, Expenditures and Other Financing Sources (Uses) - All Annually Budgeted Funds 
  • Summary of Allocated Positions
  • Requests for New Positions
  • Appropriated Fund Balances
  • Interfund Transfers 

Policy Development - This section summarizes the policy goals, long-range planning processes, and organizational policies which help guide budget decisions. Successful planning incorporates both policy and financial forecasting. Financial projections are provided for budget planning and debt analysis. The County's financial policies are also included. 

  • Policy Goals
  • Matrix Linking Policy Goals with County Departments
  • Long-Range Planning
    • Policy Planning Processes
    • Fiscal Planning Processes
      • General Fund - Financial Results / Current Budgets
      • General Fund - Projected Future Annual Budgets
      • Debt Capacity Analysis
      • Debt Affordability Analysis
  • Financial Policies

GENERAL FUND - Budget and service information for the primary operating fund of the County. Financial data is presented in summary format: revenues by type and expenditures by function. Detail totals are also presented by department. This section explains how general county revenues, including property and sales taxes, are spent.

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  • Revenues and Other Financing Sources:
    • Revenue Budget Summary
    • Schedule of Revenues and Other Financing Sources by Type and Function
    • General County Revenues
    • Schedule of General County Revenues
    • Program Revenues
  • Expenditures and Other Financing Uses:
    • Expenditure Budget Summary
    • Schedule of Expenditures and Other Financing Uses by Department and Category
    • Capital Outlay Schedule
  • Comparative Budgets

GENERAL FUND (Concluded) - Department information includes mission statements, narrative summaries of the services provided, the number of positions devoted to those services, budgets by service area, and operational performance goals.

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  • Departmental Budgets and Service Information:
    • General Government
      • Governing Body
      • Administration
      • Information Technology
      • Tax
      • Elections
      • Register of Deeds
      • Public Buildings
    • Public Safety
      • Sheriff
      • Emergency Services
      • Building Inspections
      • Adult Day Reporting Center
      • Juvenile Day Reporting Center
      • Other Public Safety Appropriations
    • Economic and Physical Development
      • Planning and Zoning
      • Cooperative Extension Service
      • Soil and Water Conservation
      • Other Economic and Physical Development Appropriations
    • Environmental Protection
      • Public Works
    • Human Services
      • Public Health
      • Social Services
      • Veteran Services
      • Child Support Enforcement
      • Other Human Services Appropriations
    • Cultural and Recreational
      • Public Library
      • Other Cultural and Recreational Appropriations
    • Education
    • Debt Service
    • Interfund Transfers
    • Contingency

OTHER FUNDS WITH ANNUAL BUDGETS - Information on all other annually budgeted funds of the County.

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  • Emergency Telephone System Fund
  • Landfill Closure Fund
  • Water Fund
  • Fire Districts Fund

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PLAN / DEBT SERVICE - Summary of major capital projects in progress, future capital needs, and current debt service obligations.

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  • Capital Improvement Plan
  • Summary of Future Capital Needs
  • Annual Debt Service Requirements

OTHER INFORMATION - Statistical and other supplementary information provided to assist the reader in understanding the County. The glossary of terms is also found here. 

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  • About Randolph County
  • Adopted General Fund Budgets - Past Five Years
  • Statistical Information
  • Glossary


Contact Information
  • Main: 336-318-6301
  • Hours: 8am - 5pm M-F
  • Location: Randolph County Office Building 2nd floor
    725 McDowell Road.
  • Asheboro, NC 27203
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