Director of Public Works – Paxton Arthurs  email


To protect the environment through safe and efficient solid waste disposal, solid waste reduction and other disposal methods for all types of solid waste and to develop safe, comfortable and efficient facilities for all County departments, State and Courthouse agencies through quality construction management services and improvement of the quality of life for all citizens.


We work to accomplish our mission through effective and efficient delivery of the following services: 1) solid waste disposal, 2) recyclable collection and marketing, 3) convenience site operations, and 4) environmental education for citizens and employees of Randolph County. We also strive to provide inventive solutions for the inherent problems that arise from construction and management of County facilities and provide inventive engineering solutions of all types of County issues, as well as provide engineering services for utility systems and grant administration for various projects for the County and its local municipalities. With the bold step by the Board of Commissioners to develop an aggressive 10-year plan to install water mains throughout the county, the Public Works Department will be assuming the leadership role in this process. The Public Works Department continues to strive to work with the industries, schools, and citizens of Randolph County to find the most effective way to provide water and/or sewer through the use of Federal and State grants while encouraging economic growth for the entire county.